API limitations

All users with valid Enterprise accounts can access the Flipsnack API.
Using our API, you can manage your publications just as you would in our online application. To ensure fair usage and stability of our infrastructure we have set a few limitations to this API.
Note: These limitations apply only to Flipsnack API and not the online application. If you would like to have these limitations changed for you, please

Upload limitations

The number of uploads via the API is limited as follows:
Max 1000 uploads per month. This option is available only for Enterprise users, when purchasing or upgrading to an Enterprise account.
Important: The limitation for the number of flipbooks in your workspace is also applied.
In case you exceed the number of uploads per month, the request will return the error code "32 - Uploads per month limit exceeded".
Note: Only successful upload requests from collection.create are counted to the monthly upload limitations.

File limitations

The files uploaded via the API must be valid files of type PDF or JPG. You can make upload requests to create new collections from PDF documents.
  • single PDF document
  • maximum file size: 500MB
  • maximum: 1000 pages
We recommend you to upload a single PDF document when you use the collection.create API call. If you have multiple PDF files for a single collection, you should merge them into a single file and upload it. Please keep in mind the above file limitations (100 MB and a maximum of 500 pages per document).

Request limitations

We limit Flipsnack API calls (both read and write) to a maximum of 3 calls per second and 30 calls per minute to ensure that system resources are distributed evenly. If you exceed the number of requests per second the API call will return the error code "31 - Requests per second limit exceeded".
We recommend spreading requests over a larger time period so you can avoid receiving this error.

Error codes

Here are the error codes related to API limitations:
Requests per second limit exceeded
There were too many requests per second made with the same API key.
Requests per minute limit exceeded
There were too many requests per minute made with the same API key.
Uploads per month exceeded
You have exceeded the maximum number of uploads allowed per month.
File size too large
The file you have uploaded has a size that exceeds the maximum allowed file size. For more information please see the limitations imposed by the API.
Collection maximum pages number exceeded
You have uploaded a document that exceeds the maximum of 500 pages allowed. For more information please see the limitations imposed by the API.
Multiple files upload not allowed
Flipsnack API allows only one file per upload request. Upload requests are made via the collection.create method.