API documentation

Get up and running with Flipsnack public API
This API allows developers to write applications that interact with Flipsnack from a 3rd party system. The API exposes different methods to manage a single user's collections, based on an API key provided for that specific user.

What can you do with the API:

  • Upload files to create new collections or add items to existing collections;
  • Delete items from a single collection;
  • Update collection settings;
  • Delete collections;
  • Get collection data;
  • Retrieve a list of collections for the user who owns the API key;
  • Retrieve statistics data for an entire user, a single collection or a single item from the collection;
  • Get the embed code for a specific collection.
  • Generate the HTML package and get the download url for a collection.
To protect our users data and the Flipsnack application, our public API imposes certain limitations. Abusing the API will get your API key banned and you will not be able to access Flipsnack data as a result. Your API key is available during your subscription period. Once your subscription ends, we will disable the API key.
Last modified 1yr ago